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Identity and Access Management ~ Bangalore/Chennai

Date Posted:

07-30-20 (09:27 PM)


Bangalore/Chennai, Karnataka / Tamil Nadu, India





Identity and Access Management - Golang/Java skills with focus on Identity protocols and stack related to OAuth, OpenIDConnect, SAML. Prefer GoLang skillsets and then Java.

Look for someone who has done any programming development.

Exp - 5 - 7 yrs

1.Identity and access management – Building a Platform providing a API gateway, we use CON,  our own constructs of, how do you establish identity of a customer, we have our own Golang system, what is the structure of the token how do we encode information and claims, that’s why Goland and JAVASCRIPT is a must as that is the tech stack which is in, people that are familiar with the identity protocols.

  • Also need OAuth, OpenIDConnect, SAML.. 
  • Actual programming language is Golang and Java for IM
  • At a high level we need to look for people who work on APIs, API management essentially dealing with API gateways, how does API security work, how do you multi tenancy with API

2. K8s – Kubernetes application development in GoLang/Python with the focus on using K8s APIs,  developing K8s operators, and working knowledge of all k8s constructs (pods, daemonsets, secrets, configmap, sts, etc)

More expertise in orchestration systems like kubernetes, people must understand Kubernetes systems pretty well, how do you extend kubernetes, how do you write kubernetics ,