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Resume & Response is a recruitment model based on innovation; it's the solution for your organisation if you require control over the process but prefer to have expert service provider support. Organisations using Resume & Response regularly may slash traditional recruitment costs by up to 80%. Relieving your management and administrational burden, this recruitment model divides tasks between your people and Progressive Staffing s, with the latter taking on all laborious recruitment function while key decision making is completely up to you.

A Model of Convenience

Resume and Response is an easy alternative recruitment model compared to the practice of organisations advertising jobs with third-party recruiters. For one, areas of accountability are clearly set out, avoiding costly duplication of processes and tasks and providing ownership. Blending best practice with proven recruitment methods, Resume & Response is cost effective when you need the toil taken out of your recruitment process.

Progressive Staffing sā€™ Resume & Response pricing model lets you select from:
  • Single campaign
  • Monthly subscription
  • Annual contract with agreed campaign schedule
Resume & Response is the straight-forward answer to modern recruitment.
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